I Got 5 On It 2012 (Outside of Slow Motion Soundz)

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My homie Dre sent this over to me to check out a few months ago. Dre is a homie from the Dirty Glove Bastards camp. I played this over and over for at least a day. It had that feel when hip hop records would drop in the ninety’s and it defined your whole summer. One time for the young homie LG and their camp down in the Boot.


I heard this track for the first time when I was researching the Pitchfork 2011 line up.



I had copped the record months prior but really heard it for the first time on my son’s eighth born day.  Riding through the foot hills of Tennessee to Chattanooga.


I heard this the day the tornadoes hit back in April. We were once again flying out the country. Walked the streets of Oslo to this. Shit was crazy.


I heard this for the first time headed to Chicago to catch a flight to Europe. This defined my whole mood for that trip.

G-Side “Trip” off the Island Japan Release (Prod. Parallel Throught)

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Peep the single here TRIP

G-Side Live in Trondheim, Norway ( Video) + Pre-Order Link

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Shot by Slow Motion Soundz. Edited by Jameah Sullivan

Man this was one of the best trips of my life. The people of Trondeim showed so much love on and off stage. Please bring us back to UKA-13. Shout to Aunt Heidi too.  Read about Snoop and G-Side at UKA-11 HERE.

Cinematic is the track playing in the background, to be featured on the Island.

Pre Order Album Here: www.g-side.bandcamp.com

What Slow Motion Soundz Has Done in 2011…Before Island Drops

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Big ups to the homies that always support us. If you been coming here over the years you know who is family without me even saying their names. I don’t feel like typing all that anyway. So when you see the list below, their support got us to the larger brands, and I will never overlook them on this journey. This is our 2011 so far before dropping the Island album. Pretty good for a black owned indie out of Alabama huh?
 Forbes Interview
Billboard Top 50 Indie Labels

TEDxHuntsville Info (Diversify Your Portfolio)

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G-Side New Single “Did You Miss Me” (Fresh From Europe)

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Fresh off three days in Trondheim, Norway for UKA-11, G-Side wants to know Did You Miss Me?

Here song HERE and read about UKA-11 HERE

G-Side’s Island Album Cover x Pre-Orders Coming Soon Only on Bandcamp

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Artwork by: John Turner, Jr.

Pre-Orders will be available very soon exclusively through Bandcamp.  Stay tuned.