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I Got 5 On It 2012 (Outside of Slow Motion Soundz)

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My homie Dre sent this over to me to check out a few months ago. Dre is a homie from the Dirty Glove Bastards camp. I played this over and over for at least a day. It had that feel when hip hop records would drop in the ninety’s and it defined your whole summer. One time for the young homie LG and their camp down in the Boot.


I heard this track for the first time when I was researching the Pitchfork 2011 line up.



I had copped the record months prior but really heard it for the first time on my son’s eighth born day.  Riding through the foot hills of Tennessee to Chattanooga.


I heard this the day the tornadoes hit back in April. We were once again flying out the country. Walked the streets of Oslo to this. Shit was crazy.


I heard this for the first time headed to Chicago to catch a flight to Europe. This defined my whole mood for that trip.


G-Side “Trip” off the Island Japan Release (Prod. Parallel Throught)

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Peep the single here TRIP