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SH and DJ Giraffo present Block Beattaz Vol. 1

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Dowload Here


G-Side Video Shoot and Listening Session (Pics)

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ST on location in Huntsville, Alabama

Clova and ST

G-Mane, Kristmas, and Bentley

Quiet on the set.

DJ Snake

Codie G, DJ Snake, and Fadel


Clova reading the Oxford American article written by John Kirby.

Listening session for One…The Cohesive Album at Vertical House Records.

Colleagues, Friends, Family, and Fans

ST and G-Mane

Kristmas shooting the shit.

Bossman from O3

Speed of Sound producers Cees and R.Dot aka The A-Team

Codie G, Zilla, R.Dot and Cees



DB49 and Fans

photos taking by Slash.

I Got Five Singles On It. (Not Rap Music List)

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The top 5 Songs of 2010 outside of Hip Hop that got a lot of listens from me. 2010 I became a fan of music again.

Ratatat “Bilar”-This song was like a new beginning for your boy Codie G. I heard it first on NPR while I was at work. Amazing record.

Local Natives “Wide Eyes” – This may be the biggest mistake not getting a contact on these guys while backstage at SXSW. They went on before G-Side and I was busy running around making sure things were in order. These guys are dope. Best album of 2010 to me.

Geographer “Paris” – This was a hard choice due to the song “Kites”is a dope piece. This song edged it out due to the fact this is where G-Side’s “Impossible” came from. Mike Deni and Geographer were the first band we heard in Austin. They were this close from being a part of the One.

CFCF is the homie as well. Expect big things from collabing with him in the future. Dude is awesome.


DB49 and Really Loud Hamburger at Voodoo (FREE)

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The Road to One Has Been Scripted

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For those diehard fans or people paying attention, the road to one has been scripted. I hope the course we took with waiting room reading material, leads people back to respecting our journey. It started with the New York Times writing about the Huntsville Rap Scene in the January 10, 2010 issue. Online and in print, this story has been scripted for those people who read and are swayed by the words of a journalist. If my thinking is correct, if the One has any type of impact on new listeners, the ink and computer fonts from across the globe will lead curious ears to the likes of Huntsville International, Starshipz and Rocketz, and the one that started it all, Sumthin 2 Hate. The digital DNA for this has been laid out not on purpose, but somewhat in a natural growth process. If you feed something it will grow. Hopefully, grow to some type of understanding. Reading through my portfolio, looking back at old YouTube footage, and comparing record for record it hit me, the One has a dual purpose. It acts as the axis in our careers to where the old is just that, old. It is also leading the surge into new landscapes. The second role, it is more of a commercial of sorts. A commercial to highlight those records and stories that got us to this point, to shed light to the development of a business that is ready to embark into the big leagues, independently. You don’t have to take my word for it. The revolution won’t be televised, it’s on your computer, keyword G-Side

Case in point, I just found this ONE —–> READ HERE

Read G-Side’s Oxford Article Here PSA#4

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Photo By: Patrick “30 Pack” Buckley


This was probably the best article I have been apart of, simply from the caliber of writing Oxford prides itself for. To be apart of the Alabama issue, which will represent the state worldwide, based entirely on the aspect of music, is an honor and is greatly appreciated.  I would like to thank  Marc, Carol, Natalie, and the entire Oxford staff (, for being there everytime I called or emailed, to make sure we were set for the December 1 issue date. I also would like to thank Jon Kirby of( and Wax Poetics for coming down to do the piece. We always tell people to make the trip to Huntsville. People go all over the world but act as if the stories behind the Block Beattaz, SMS, G-Side, and DB49s are not relevant. Everyone that has made the trek here, has been forever changed. Ask J.Dirrt, R.Dot, or John Turner. Jon Kirby encompassed our lives for a weekend and wrote a story. A story which opened the eyes to my closest relatives to how far me and my Slow Motion Soundz kindred have traveled. I think we all needed this story going into the Cohesive project. I think this will serve as an excellent point of reference for those outside the sound of speed.

G-Side Speed of Sound Two Years Ago

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