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Pre P4k Pics and Daytrotter Stop

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Demi Howell and Loose Ends (Fashion)

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One time for Demi Howell. This is a dope brand and different element of  Huntsville.  Support your local businesses.

Zilla ft Chris Lee – On Our Own

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Graphic by Villionaire:

Zilla has hooked up the Norwegian homie Chris Lee over a precise musical presentation by Huntsville’s very own Bossman. O3 or O-Thrid stands for On Our Own. Also want to send congrats to Zilla for making the list for Best Songs of 2011 (So Far). That’s a lot for a guy who came to me almost two years ago and asked me why people was not respecting his skills in the city as a rapper. My reply was put out a project.

Listen Here

G-Side Alabama Music Hall of Fame Pics x Oxford American

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***Excuse Typos. I Typed This On My Phone***

How about this? Imagine somebody telling you that your guys don’t have what it takes to make it. Imagine someone telling you that the production is too slow. Imagine one day waking up saying “fuck this shit, we are about to do us”. That’s what was said a few years ago. I speak about that on the opening of the Cohesive album.  When G-Side came into the fold we were basically at the crossroads. I wasn’t even supposed to be their manager. Things just seemed to happen. Our first trip was to Nashville, and I was still on that record pool and talent search trail. To make a long story short, the shit was a bust, performing in front of C- List artist and A&Rs. My colleague, JC from Street Holocaust, and he’s a homeboy from elementary school, had hipped to the hustle of the southern music market. Once again I’ll make a long story short. He painted the picture of the Golden Trinity of the south for me. It still didn’t hit me what was going on in southern music. I was green to a lot of things, due to the fact I had been removed from the music frontlines for six years. It took one more trip for  me to realize I had to make some sound decisions, or the company me and my brothers built would be at the end of the road. I had G-Side lined up for a showcase in Pensacola, FL with execs from Def Jam, Atlantic, Interscope, Slip -N-Slide, etc. We get there and it’s the same bullshit I had been experiencing from record pool to dj conference across the southeast.  I came to the conclusion that these bastards is hustling off the dreams of you niccas trying to make it. Nobody here has a chance. They getting they bread and they out. I paid 100 dollars to get 5 minutes to let the A&Rs hear what we had. We had just dropped Starshipz and Rocketz. We played Speed of Sound, Rubbabandz, and Everywhere I Go off the record. They sit there and they give us the bullshit spill. Well you gotta get your hood behind you, get people to call into the radio, hit the clubs, blah, blah, blah, and more blah. So I go to my book bag, and I pull out press, sales reports, the whole nine. It was at this time I knew they couldn’t help us. They seemed confused, now the questions went from the music to, how,who,  when,  and where did you do this. They were speaking about building a way out with going through the hassles of them. I left out there once again feeling like I brought my guys to some bullshit trying to get a record deal. That next day we were invited to the conference bbq, but we opted to just hit the beach on our own. My hustle was born again once I hit that Gulf Coast water. I knew in order for me and Slow Motion fam to succeed it was going to be on our terms, and really on some, “fuck what the other side doing”. These pictures represent hard work. Three years later, you know the success and the potential in everything we have done. A lot of doors opened, and most had to be blessing from the Most High. I get the credit, but I promise, most times I’m just as surprised as the next person. I hear a lot of people around me talking about what they think this music is about, or what they deserve out of it, but at the end of the day we took losses to be here. It took experiencing janky promoters to know what we know. It took reading deals that added up to nothing to be here. It took wasting gas to show up and nobody is at the show to be here. That’s the part you don’t see. You just see the pictures.


photos by Dave Anderson