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Back to the Basic Sketchbook Paper Leak#7

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The Root ^^^^ OLD School Pencil and Paper

****Disclaimer: The Law of Repetition was used in this piece. ****

I love when true talent is able to over ride the makings of technology or the special effects of enhancing something to give it a sense of being polished and is leveled by simplicity. Don’t get me wrong to manipulate an original and make it your own is wonderful, but to make something from scratch, to compose  music for an orchestra between each clef note, or even to make biscuits from scratch is becoming a lost art in this world of microwave paced demand. For the past few months I have been studying those people who really play instruments, those people who really pick up a paint brush, and those people who really excel at the short link they are promoting on Twitter. I have been asking the question for years about if the electricity went out who could survive  and still make music? If there was no vocoder who could really sing to calm the people derived of those lost modern amenities? I think I’m at the age of respecting the root and the process over the finished product. Understanding the root and the process is what really gives the finished product a leg to stand on. It’s my opinion that the industry is falling due to the fact of the initial root and process of making an album and what an album once stood for is not part of the equation. Even for those people concentrating on a single song approach. This important factor  has taking a backseat to the high-speed excitement of a rush to market piece of merch with no sales pitch except for the  tickets to the release party. With the work going into the Cohesive Album I have gained a new respect for the root and the process. I’m on my #NATGEO ish so please stay with me. With all that said today’s leak represents the root of it all. You saw the process a few days ago. If not see for yourself HERE.


A Look Behind the Scenes Leak #5

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I got this ONE back on March 2nd and this took me by storm. To have a vision and it come out the way you wanted is pretty much unheard of these days. Once again I repeat. All the One leaks will be artwork. NO MUSIC!!!!!! 1.1.11

Stomp the Yard: Homecoming Sept 21, 2010

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G-Side’s College Chicks is featured in the movie. The movie includes Pooch Hall, Kiely Williams, and David Banner to name a few. Check out College Chicks being performed live. Click Here.

An Introspective View

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Going into this record we had not a clue the album would get started only months after dropping Huntsville International Project . This album was propelled into motion even before we opened for Yelawolf at the Bottletree. The only thing this year that beat out the start of this project was the call from Chris Quality asking if we wanted to come to Europe and do some shows. The whole time we were performing in March and April, SXSW to Guilford College, google chat, text messages, and subliminal tweets have been blanketing the process of One. If you have been paying attention I want to take you back to January 19th 2010. The actual work started January 23rd, 2010. Here is an introspective look to the beginning of the road to one.


From: Codie G <>
Date: Tue, Jan 19, 2010 at 5:18 PM
Subject: G-Side’s Manager






I want to first say wow. Your work is amazing. My business partner gave me your email. I would really like for you to work on some projects for us. I think our next project will be the biggest album of this early decade, mainstream or underground. Let’s connect and see what we can hash out. I want to send you some links to some of the older things that G-Side have done. Shoot me a number and the best time to call. I got some ideas for our next project.

Codie G
Director of Marketing
Slowmotion Soundz
@CodieG256 (Twitter)

“Slowmotion Soundz is the Brand, Block Beataz Produced”

From: John Turner <>
Date: Tue, Jan 19, 2010 at 5:36 PM
Subject: Re: G-Side’s Manager
To: Codie G <>



Thank you for the kind words, and the feeling is mutual.  Since one of my good friends, who writes for a few music blogs and magazines, put me onto G-Side, SMS, and that Block Beataz production, I have been amazed at what I have heard.  I love music, but hip-hop more than any genre, and it is essential in my work flow to have something on.  As of late, I have been working on a new series of paintings for an upcoming show, aside from my usual design work, and Huntsville International has been on probably 75% of the time in the past 2 months.  It has been a great influence.  I have to wrap up some things at the office, then head back to Brooklyn and run a few errands, but I will be around after 8 – 9pm.  I am up every night until 2 or 3am working on paintings or other pieces, so feel free to give me a call.  I would love to hear what’s in store for the next project and build upon some things.  Also, I always have my phone on me, so e-mails always come through too.  




John Turner


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The Road 2 One officially has kicked off. The crazy thing about this is preparing myself for the journey at hand, plus looking in the rearview of the road traveled already. It’s been a journey filled with good times, bad  times, success and setbacks. The thing that sticks out the most to me is the fact I haven’t jumped ship from this moving vehicle we call Slow Motion Soundz  music. How can I jump ship when I am part of the machine. I haven’t done this by myself though. While I was out traveling the world taking this SMS Flag state to state, country to country, playing our part helping to  build this thing known as Huntsville rap. My brother CP has been anchored down holding down the fort, day for day. Ten years plus. As far as I’m concerned when he and Mali touch this ONE project music will never be the same for us and that’s just it. We are doing this record for us this time out. We are about to make a record the way we know how to make a record. COHESIVE.


This was written and recorded three days after my Aunt Annie “LA SHAW” Rice died. I locked myself in a room for three days to remove myself from everything. When I returned back to the studio I heard Kristmas and Cunta’s “Somebody”. I automatically went and recorded this. Real Time Music.

A Cohesive View

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Here is the road to one. A glimpse of the artwork @johnturnerjr

1.1.11 PSA (Codie Global)

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Today we officially start the push towards G-Side/Block Beattaz/Slowmotion Soundz first full length album since Starshipz and Rocketz, One…The Cohesive Album. While I type we are taking labor day to actually start work. PSA is below. Leh Go.

One…The Cohesive PSA