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Codie G Interviews Himself “WTF” (Huntsvegas Humpday)

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Who inspired you to get in to the game?

I gotta say it was Tam. She was the first person I had day to day contact with that was out here making moves. Going to Chicago and opening for No Limit, back and forth to the A, making phone calls to the labels, labels calling her, and the whole time she writing albums, going to photo shoots, taking care of her son, the whole nine. Even before she got to that level  she told me, cuz I’m ’bout to rap. She ain’t stop since ya feel me.

What is her greatest attribute?

Well the fact she driven ya feel me. It aint to many people that know the game like Tam and her approach. She can hit a venue, handle the biz, rock the crowd, and grind her music all in the same setting. That’s the part I don’t think people know about Tam. She is driven

What do you see her doing in the future?

Straight up. This may sound biased but it’s not. I think she has the potential to be a true mogul. Her experience is impeccable, ya feel me. It’s hard to do what she do ya feel me. She know the streets, she know the internet, she know family, she know sacrifice, she know what it takes, above all that she know God. She one of Georgia Mae grandkids ya feel me. We aint got no choice but to go hard. No excuses.

Any last words?

Shout out to Tam, Big Image Worldwide, Biz, X Squad DJ’s, and RW Record Pool. Free "Z" mane. Peace


Codie G as G.I.H.A.D. WTF? (Huntsvegas Humpday)

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codsterNobody would give me music to leak this week so I’ll leak me as my alter ego G.I.H.A.D. Me and DEJAN like it so to hell with the rest. (That’s my baby boy). I felt like hey it’s a lot of bullshit music out here. Why not add my two cents. Might as well 2012 right around the corner. Peep me out at Fairtilizer

My Favorite Big P.O.P.E. Verse(Huntsvegas Humpday)

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Leak of the WEEK “South Paw” Rock and Roll



So I go over to to see that Rob Breezy is dropping a “A Welcome Home Mixtape” for Big P.O.P.E.  I was like “Codie G”, you need to go ahead and let P.O.P.E. be the leak of the week. P.O.P.E. and I were in the studio just talking about life this past weekend, past, present and the future,  plus his outlook on the freeworld. The main point of our conversation was the “Wild Bill” murder. I had to ask that question because I know Wild Bill was a good dude.  I thought about P.O.P. E. during that time because he was locked up during the funeral. He told me the last time he saw Bill was at his last court date and Bill told him, “It’s on when you come home baby!”   What you the reader may not understand is P.O.P.E. is like the baby brother to all of us. For some reason the only thing we want is for P.O.P.E. to stay free and be able to experience all the love we have been able to encounter. So the leak of week is my favorite P.O.P.E verse (2004). Peep it out at Fairtilizer. CP from the Block Beattaz got the first verse. (Yall hit him at @slowmotion767) and tell him he need to get back in the booth)

Coming Next Week Rudi Deville


Aye K’Dough

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I Love the Blogs. Yall better start respecting them. Shout out to my mella K Dough who took it upon himself to compile what he knew to do for our city. My hats off to you and all the other supporters of this movement.

Rocket City

HaterProof “Showin Out”

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HaterProof. I told you I had you my boi!!!! Meadow Hills Stand up baby.

Huntsville Rewind Po’ One AKA Po’ Boi

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Through conversation with people we have met since Huntsville has gained some attention from those outside the city, most of their history with the scene starts around 2004. You may find a few that have heard music before that but they are far and between. When we were in New York, Sam from Fader asked G-Side who influenced them, you know like OutKast, UGK, the usuals, but they replied back with Lil Hunter. I thought to myself, who influenced you Codie G? My answer would be Atteze, Public Domain, Ace of Spades, Image Ent, Lavish Records, South Click, Rawlow B, and the list goes on. I’m in the mist of reaching out to all these people to get that story told. These are the forefather’s to the Slow Motions, Pleazure Houses, PRGz,  or anybody else out of Huntsville. I’m talking about the early nighties, back when Carriage Inn was jumping, Faces was your first taste of the nightlife (at least for the North Side, maybe the lounge for the South Side) and Clyde’s, Alonzo’s, and Carrolls was the places to get your haircut. (Shout out to Freeman and Battle’s).

The first artist I want to shed light on is Po’ One (Po’ Boi) and the production of his brother Paul (Mr. Phoenix). It’s been ten years since MouthPiece 2000 dropped on Napptown Records. I got this CD from Donny C.who was cutting at Mike and Bill’s over on Meridian. When I heard this while riding on 565W, I knew we had embarked on something new. I got a live interview so I won’t go too in-depth, but I have to pay homage to those that laid the foundation for us right here in this city. Huntsville Got Starz and I’m going bring it to you. Selah

Listen Here

6 Tre G Inks a Deal (Huntsvegas Humpday Newz)

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          6treG_FrontCard_1v.2Moonstone Records has entered into a joint venture with Battery Records/JIVE Label Group to market and distribute, Alabama native, 6 Tre G. His music is often a reflection of the perseverance it’s taken him to get here, repping the downtrodden far and wide but newcomer he is not.  

      After a short period on Warner Brothers where he never released a record as a result of the merger with AOL, Tre formed his own imprint, Darkhouse Music Group, setting the stage for a major return. Concentrating on staying off the streets, his carefree party jam “On A Roll” cleared the path to a new beginning. “I put that to radio and it took over Huntsville,” 6 Tre says with a smile. “I was getting attacked in stores. People were singing my song to me at my shows. They loved the record.” And the Industry was soon to follow.  

      His new single, “Fresh” brings Tre back to a familiar place, playing off a sample off “La Di Da Di the first rap record he ever memorized. “I wanna give people something they can relate to. Then the people that I have a like mind with are gonna end up being my fans because I’m talking what they’re living or wanna do.” 

      Says Neil Levine, General Manager and Senior Vice President of Battery, “We are very happy to be in business with Julia Kadarusman and Moonstone Records with their first artist 6 Tre G.” 

      Moonstone Records is an independent label with a mission to bring quality music, particularly artist’s self generated work, to the world.  Founding partner Julia Kadarusman is a long term record industry executive.  Before launching Moonstone Records and its sister company Ruby Musik Management, she was SVP/Head of Marketing Jive Records/Sony Music.   “Tre embodies the music business 2009. He writes, produces, markets and promotes his records by himself with his local partners,“ says Julia Kadasusman,  “Current technology allows him to be a self contained entrepreneur, but it is his ears and talent that make it all hum. Bringing Tre to Battery for national radio promotion, marketing and distribution is a natural fit given that Battery itself is built on independent spirit.”       

      Battery Records is an imprint under Sony Music Entertainment’s RCA/JIVE Label Group umbrella formed in July 2008 to develop and nurture young urban hip hop talent, in an age where such development is more crucial and necessary than ever. Under the leadership of industry veteran Neil Levine, Battery’s mission is to uncover and cultivate organic young talent, thereby creating an indispensable niche in the marketplace.