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What Slow Motion Soundz Has Done in 2011…Before Island Drops

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Big ups to the homies that always support us. If you been coming here over the years you know who is family without me even saying their names. I don’t feel like typing all that anyway. So when you see the list below, their support got us to the larger brands, and I will never overlook them on this journey. This is our 2011 so far before dropping the Island album. Pretty good for a black owned indie out of Alabama huh?
 Forbes Interview
Billboard Top 50 Indie Labels

G-Side New Single “Did You Miss Me” (Fresh From Europe)

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Fresh off three days in Trondheim, Norway for UKA-11, G-Side wants to know Did You Miss Me?

Here song HERE and read about UKA-11 HERE

G-Side’s Island Album Cover x Pre-Orders Coming Soon Only on Bandcamp

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Artwork by: John Turner, Jr.

Pre-Orders will be available very soon exclusively through Bandcamp.  Stay tuned.

Cole Boyz “March 2 Zion” production Block Beattaz

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G-Side x Stalley x Slow Motion Soundz x Maybach Music Group

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Zilla ft Chris Lee – On Our Own

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Graphic by Villionaire:

Zilla has hooked up the Norwegian homie Chris Lee over a precise musical presentation by Huntsville’s very own Bossman. O3 or O-Thrid stands for On Our Own. Also want to send congrats to Zilla for making the list for Best Songs of 2011 (So Far). That’s a lot for a guy who came to me almost two years ago and asked me why people was not respecting his skills in the city as a rapper. My reply was put out a project.

Listen Here

Block Beattaz in NYC (Exclusive Pics)

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We finally were able to get Mali Boi out of Studio A at the Speed of Sound facility. This the first official photo shoot for the Block Beattaz taken in NYC. I now have a few pics to send out to people wanting to do interviews with the Block Beattaz. To me this is the best production team hands down. They are from the south, but they don’t stick to the traditional sound of south to prove their southern lineage. Instead, I think  they take the more rebel with a cause approach, and try to lead the south into uncharted waters.  It’s easy to stick with a familiar sound and carbon copy the past for approval amongst peers, and those that came before us, but to actually build upon the foundation set,  and make it your own is a more remarkable accomplishment in my opinion. The photos are just a few by the homie Matt McGinley. You can check him out at  or