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G-Side’s Island Album Cover x Pre-Orders Coming Soon Only on Bandcamp

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Artwork by: John Turner, Jr.

Pre-Orders will be available very soon exclusively through Bandcamp.  Stay tuned.


G-Side Video Preview “How Far”

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This is the preview for G-Side’s “How Far” video. This video was shot while touring through NYC, Amsterdam, Norway, Denmark, and Sweden. I think it’s a pretty dope concept brought to you by the great people at Lawrence and Clark.

G-Side Spotted From the Air :Breaking News!!!!

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This image was spotted while flying over a field in outer Jackson County.

Herb Alpert Beyond and Cohesive Leak 15 (G-Side)

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When I was I three years old my Pop/Dad had an audio system which he bought while stationed in Germany. Pop’s was proud of that system we had in the den that later became my room. Pop would take the speaker covers off the front and lean them on the side to add to the presentation of his entertainment center. Especially when he had company, most of the time an old friend from the neighborhood, or an old Army buddy. Pop’s record collection spanned from Parliament to Simon and Garfunkel. This is before I was introduced to hip hop, so music was whatever my folks would play. There always was this particular song that I think helped to shape my view of life, music, and my upbringing, Herb Alpert’s “Beyond”. The word ‘Beyond” means a lot to me. Go beyond expectation. The ending point is just beyond that ridge. Go beyond the abyss to find the hidden treasures of the ocean. I can remember being a young boy staring at the speaker as if it was a 72 inch flatscreen with HD, 3D, 1080P, I can see clearly now the rain is gone invention. (This is before we had cable and mama started watching Falcon Crest. S/O to Daniel Wiesman.) I remember this clear as day. The first time I heard those trumpets I think I found my ear for music or at least what I wanted to hear musically. This song had to be what the future sounded like to the composers, producers, and musicians during this period. From a living standpoint I never wanted to be average. I never desired to be like them or go along just to get along. I wanted to go beyond. This song Herb Alpert put together in 1980 was a masterpiece to me. I have always wanted to incorporate this song, this musical foundation for me, into something we were doing, producing, or promoting. Well I guess this is that time. I present to you Leak 15.

Leak #14 and Commercial Preview

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Here is your preview for the next G-Side commercial promoting the One. Below is the next phase of the leaks and behind the scenes of the artwork. The front cover and tracklist coming soon.

Leak Below of Artwork Development

Back to the Basic Sketchbook Paper Leak#7

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The Root ^^^^ OLD School Pencil and Paper

****Disclaimer: The Law of Repetition was used in this piece. ****

I love when true talent is able to over ride the makings of technology or the special effects of enhancing something to give it a sense of being polished and is leveled by simplicity. Don’t get me wrong to manipulate an original and make it your own is wonderful, but to make something from scratch, to compose  music for an orchestra between each clef note, or even to make biscuits from scratch is becoming a lost art in this world of microwave paced demand. For the past few months I have been studying those people who really play instruments, those people who really pick up a paint brush, and those people who really excel at the short link they are promoting on Twitter. I have been asking the question for years about if the electricity went out who could survive  and still make music? If there was no vocoder who could really sing to calm the people derived of those lost modern amenities? I think I’m at the age of respecting the root and the process over the finished product. Understanding the root and the process is what really gives the finished product a leg to stand on. It’s my opinion that the industry is falling due to the fact of the initial root and process of making an album and what an album once stood for is not part of the equation. Even for those people concentrating on a single song approach. This important factor  has taking a backseat to the high-speed excitement of a rush to market piece of merch with no sales pitch except for the  tickets to the release party. With the work going into the Cohesive Album I have gained a new respect for the root and the process. I’m on my #NATGEO ish so please stay with me. With all that said today’s leak represents the root of it all. You saw the process a few days ago. If not see for yourself HERE.

A Look Behind the Scenes Leak #5

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I got this ONE back on March 2nd and this took me by storm. To have a vision and it come out the way you wanted is pretty much unheard of these days. Once again I repeat. All the One leaks will be artwork. NO MUSIC!!!!!! 1.1.11