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This week I want to focus on the video and some of the stops we made
along the way. Today I want to shine some well deserved spotlight on
DQM (Dave’s Quality Meat) in NYC. The name threw me off the first time
I was in New York back in February. Once I got there I knew that steak
wasn’t on the menu, but to my surprise there as an array of
skateboards, New Era hats, T-Shirts, custom G-Shocks, and of course
the official shoe of Huntsville the Air Max. The atmosphere here both
times was all peace, inviting, and groundbreaking in my eyes. Beside
Yelawolf, I think were the first Alabama Crew to experience the store
in the magnitude we were blessed with. (Shout out to J Dirrt). Our
second trip here was a tad bit different from the first trip we took
there as Southern tourist. This time it was all business. This is one
of the exclusive shots we got for the video “This is Life/Trying to
Get Rich”.  Peep the pics out and check out the website .


The Commentary

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Codie G and Kat Daddy Slim

Coming soon the series that was inspired by the picture above.  Kat Daddy Slim (Baller’s Eve Radio) and I were discussing the changes of Atlanta and Huntsville in regards to school consolidation and anything else that our community has faced, is facing, or will face. Look for some true insight on the hood from the perspective outside your Clear Channel Airwaves and the Viacom age BET, minus shows like BET Nightly News and Teen Summit. Yall keep watching College Hill and I’ll be out here trying to shed light on schools losing they accreditation.

Southern Soul Mixtape (UK)

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southernsouls_01Words By: Rob Breezy

Right…so here we have the first volume of a new Southern Hospitality mix series that will undoubtedly become a serious labour of love. Mixed all the way LIVE (from SM5!) this is just me digging into the section of music that I reach for the most. In other words, good ‘ol mellow country rap tunes that I’m calling ‘Southern Souls Vol.1′

There was no grand plan to be definitive or represent all the Southern states, however, inevitably there’s classics, both old and new from Texas, Georgia, Alabama and all those other hotbeds of great hip-hop. Not to mention a few slept on and under the radar gems from the likes of Birmingham J, The Cole Boyz and G.I.H.A.D. that I get to share with the world. Quite simply, we’re all about the music here @ Southern Hospitality and this is the music that soundtracks our lives on a daily basis.

So, on that note, I’ll let the music do the talking…



01. ‘Memphis City Blues’ – 8Ball and MJG
02. ‘Niggaz Down South’ – Killer Mike
03. ‘Keep It Real’ – Nappy Roots
04. ‘Like Yesterday (Mercy Mix)’ – UGK
05. ‘Lord I Know’ – Boss Hogg Outlawz
06. ‘Mainstream’ – Outkast
07. ‘Same Song’ – Da Backwudz
08. ‘Test Of My Faith’ – Petey Pablo
09. ‘Still Standing’ – Goodie Mob
10. ‘Happy Jamz’- Boyz N Da Hood
11. ‘It’s H***’ – Field Mob
12. ‘Best Year’ – Witchdoctor
13. ‘Wet Paint’ – Birdman
14. ‘Family’ – Ying Yang Twins
15. ‘Live Fast Die Young’ – Birmingham J
16. ‘Must Be (Music)’ – G.I.H.A.D. and Eric Roberson
17. ‘Da Heartz Of Dixie’ – Cole Boyz
18. ‘Dirt I Bleed’ – Dirty
19. ‘Cadillac On 22s (Acoustic Live Version)’ – David Banner (Down Load Here)

R.I.P. Darrion Albert

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This is a damn shame that “NIGGAS” act like this. I feel ashamed to even say I’m black watching this shit. Excuse my language, I usually don’t come off like this but this is why Martial Law will be implemented in our neighborhoods because of ignorance like this. This is truly beyond me right here. I dont give a fuck if it’s hood for hood, gang for gang. or thug for thug this doesn’t add up to be gangsta to me. You can sale them dreams to somebody else about the lifestyle but this doesn’t add up. Where the money at? Who in this picture is truly on the verge of breaking the curse that plagues our community? For all you fake ass rappers that promote 100% bullshit look at this kid’s mother mane. Then to go even deeper they let the black reporter report to the global community the ills that cover our streetcurbs city to city, state to state. So while Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson run around waiting for the next police beating or the next white man to call a black man a Nigger, they should have their black asses in the community everyday a black kills another black. Oh my bad not enough hours in the day for that. I’m done standing by and watching us destroy us. R.I.P. Darrion Albert.


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Lighting the SubstationTo my readers I want to apologize  not posting in a while. There has been a lot going on trying to establish Huntsville’s place in Hip Hop. I personally have been working on the logistics of  the Huntsville International project.  This  will drop November 9th 2009, the day SlowMotion Soundz celebrates the 10 year anniversary of our journey of establishing our stake in the push for Huntsville. Along the way we have lost people to the streets, to the economy, to the fact of just saying I can’t do this no more, but we kept pressing pass all the distractions. The thing is I can’t be mad, sad,or even over-joyed  at none of it ya feel me. I’ll just leave yall with Wut2DayIz?

Behind the Scenes NYC

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You know your boy was the camera man. Getting my Ricker and my Ed Jimenez on. Go check out Ed work at Get your money right though and tell him Codie G sent you.

Rudi From The Ville

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Rudi Deville invited me by his lab the other day to check out his new album The Entertainer. The diversity of the album was the thing which stood out the most. The production was precise and the guest on the album were signs Rudi has been on his grind. We discussed the experiences we both have shared taking this Huntsville story on the road. It was a honor for a veteran to ask me to come in and get a first listen to an album that could be the manifestation of sacrifise and success all for one cause and that’s The Ville. Stay Tune for the Stone Soup Conference.

Listen Here