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R.I.P. Deondre

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G-Side Photoshoot Part 2

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Like I said before we have been catching a lot of love from the myspace push of the homie @jotimeismoney. Flashback to when we were doing the first Huntsville Hip Hop Show ever at Guilford College last month and I get a call from JO concerning a House party.  You gotta realise we had just experienced the wildest house party ever via the Guilford College student body. (What up Katzman and MAYO!!!)  Of course I said we were down. So on June 19th there are four houses, four stages, four bands, one city, and a bunch of bikers. No not motorcycles the kind with pedals, surfacing Huntsville streets looking for a hot stage and band to go along with it. Info Here. With that said use all your socail networks and try to step outside the box. With that we about to unite Huntsville from the Northside, downtown, and back to Five Points. Leh Go.

G-Side Photoshoot

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Myspace still works. Ask J.O. over at T.I.M. (Time is Money) based out of Huntsville. Over the past few months he has A&Red three tracks, a photoshoot, and the sell of over 30 physical records. All these transactions except for one took place outside of Huntsville. A few months ago J.O. called me and was like Vertical House Records which was voted Huntsville’s best place to buy music was looking for G-Side’s music. Not only did they sale  the H.I.P., G-Mane and the Highlight tape are getting drove off the second floor of the historic Lowe Mill. This is just part one of the photoshoot. In part two I will show how all this led to the Bike Ride House Show  in Huntsville plus how WE REALLY make #HSVUNITED.

Photos by Ashley aka Gashley

Location Vertical House Records located at Lowe Mill for Entertainment in Huntsville, Alabama

Huntsville Hip Hop @ Guilford College

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