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Kristmas Album Release Party Voodoo Lounge 4/18

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Kristmas W2 Boy Album Cover

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Artwork by

The Statue of Employment. Kristmas readies for his debut solo project set to drop 4-15-11. My early faves are Cool Mutha******, Believe That, Dont Get Left, and of course I Need A Drink with special guest verse from _________. I think the one that will push the album over the top is what Block Beattaz were working on last night in Studio A. It’s like on some negro spiritual sh@! son. By the way, W2 Boys don’t forget to turn your taxes in this week. On 4-16 IRS start stalking.


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APRIL FOOLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kristmas Tattoos W2 Boy on His Face

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Alabama rapper Kristmas has taken his W2 branding way too far. In the mist of some trouble with the law he has tattooed W2 Boy Logo on his face. Manager Codie G. stated, “it’s just a branding move for him to truly fit in to today’s climate of rappers the people like. I think it’s dope” W2 Boy drops 4.15.11. Follow Kristmas on Twitter @sogifted

W2 Boy Dropping 4/15/11

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Kristmas’ Debut Album W2 Boy Drops 4/15/11.