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Read G-Side’s Oxford Article Here PSA#4

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Photo By: Patrick “30 Pack” Buckley


This was probably the best article I have been apart of, simply from the caliber of writing Oxford prides itself for. To be apart of the Alabama issue, which will represent the state worldwide, based entirely on the aspect of music, is an honor and is greatly appreciated.  I would like to thank  Marc, Carol, Natalie, and the entire Oxford staff (, for being there everytime I called or emailed, to make sure we were set for the December 1 issue date. I also would like to thank Jon Kirby of( and Wax Poetics for coming down to do the piece. We always tell people to make the trip to Huntsville. People go all over the world but act as if the stories behind the Block Beattaz, SMS, G-Side, and DB49s are not relevant. Everyone that has made the trek here, has been forever changed. Ask J.Dirrt, R.Dot, or John Turner. Jon Kirby encompassed our lives for a weekend and wrote a story. A story which opened the eyes to my closest relatives to how far me and my Slow Motion Soundz kindred have traveled. I think we all needed this story going into the Cohesive project. I think this will serve as an excellent point of reference for those outside the sound of speed.


PSA #3 x V.S.O.P. Review 2003 (Classic)

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I think we all know what this PSA is concerning. It’s about a piece of work that we have been working on in spirit since the first of the year. But the story for me and Slow Motion started back in 1999 recording in the spare room of our homeboy’s spare room. When we started doing music it wasn’t so much about being heard for validation amongst our peers or so called competition. To be honest we didn’t know what the hell we was doing or where we were going. We were focused, everybody was hungry, and looking for a way out. Trying to make things happen in a place people said it couldn’t happen. When we started we brought to the table more than just one element of what people deem today as conscience, gangsta, swag, country rap, or whatever. I think what we brought was our interpretation or representation of what hip hop meant to us at that time. Being from the South personally, I didn’t grow up listening to only Southern artist. How could you and say you are a fan of hip hop? I grew up in an error of break dancing on cardboard boxes, graffiti , silver boom boxes with cone speakers with the crazy looking nobs for volume, balance, bass, and treble. 

Our music was everything it is now. It has always been unorthodoxed. The first songs were more gutter than gangsta. Every facet of the oppressed life we were living at the time was giving its proper due in the music produced. Street affiliations didn’t take a backseat to a person’s spiritual connection with a higher power or vice versa. The music we made covered the complete spectrum of the points our collective known as 3C was trying to convey.

PSA #3 Listen Here

Having these younger groups around, I don’t think they truly understand the battles we went through to get to this point. Not only in music, but just being black in the South , and standing for something besides the ingorance we as blacks are known for, or categorized to be. We went through the stages of making music to cater to the ears of people not from here, following the plans and routes of music conferences meant to keep us chasing a dream, and so many false deals that would have left us screwed.  Get it.

We saw early success locally with radio, and for some that was the end all, some felt they had arrived at that point. For others, it was only the beginning. The thing about this next album, One…The Cohesive Album, we are comfortable with the music, even if it seems the world around us is falling apart. This album has become the life boat for us. An album made by a group of people that would rather be labeled honorable, humble, respectable, grown, over being known as a simple nigga. We are Slow Motion Soundz, the full grown version.

V.S.O.P. Review 2003

Herb Alpert Beyond and Cohesive Leak 15 (G-Side)

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When I was I three years old my Pop/Dad had an audio system which he bought while stationed in Germany. Pop’s was proud of that system we had in the den that later became my room. Pop would take the speaker covers off the front and lean them on the side to add to the presentation of his entertainment center. Especially when he had company, most of the time an old friend from the neighborhood, or an old Army buddy. Pop’s record collection spanned from Parliament to Simon and Garfunkel. This is before I was introduced to hip hop, so music was whatever my folks would play. There always was this particular song that I think helped to shape my view of life, music, and my upbringing, Herb Alpert’s “Beyond”. The word ‘Beyond” means a lot to me. Go beyond expectation. The ending point is just beyond that ridge. Go beyond the abyss to find the hidden treasures of the ocean. I can remember being a young boy staring at the speaker as if it was a 72 inch flatscreen with HD, 3D, 1080P, I can see clearly now the rain is gone invention. (This is before we had cable and mama started watching Falcon Crest. S/O to Daniel Wiesman.) I remember this clear as day. The first time I heard those trumpets I think I found my ear for music or at least what I wanted to hear musically. This song had to be what the future sounded like to the composers, producers, and musicians during this period. From a living standpoint I never wanted to be average. I never desired to be like them or go along just to get along. I wanted to go beyond. This song Herb Alpert put together in 1980 was a masterpiece to me. I have always wanted to incorporate this song, this musical foundation for me, into something we were doing, producing, or promoting. Well I guess this is that time. I present to you Leak 15.

One…The Cohesive Album (PSA #2)

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11/11 in our eleventh year. Not much to type today. Enjoy the visual leak. Peep the PSA below. Huntsville, Athens, Flo together. More Warning Shots. My clip full of Slow. #Cohesive

Download (produced by 118 for Open Box Music)

The Resurface

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Here is the write up over at HSVINTERNATIONAL

Pic via @johnturnerjr

1.1.11 PSA (Codie Global)

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Today we officially start the push towards G-Side/Block Beattaz/Slowmotion Soundz first full length album since Starshipz and Rocketz, One…The Cohesive Album. While I type we are taking labor day to actually start work. PSA is below. Leh Go.

One…The Cohesive PSA

Codie G Interview with Grade A Muzik

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Thanks to Grade A Muzik for granting me this chance to spread our story.