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Where’s the Interview? (NPR at SXSW)

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Photos By: Allison Adams

Have you ever wanted to be at two places at one time? On March 18th at approximately 3:21 PM I really needed to be in two different locations.  One of the NPR assistants rushed to me after the G-Side concert pulling me through the crowd of 600 plus in attendance for the NPR SXSW day party. Tom Breihan from Pitchfork stopped me on my way toward some type of interview to introduce himself. I’m glad he did because it was our first time meeting. What up Tom?  After our quick introduction, the NPR assistant told me no more meet and greets. We both laughed as she pushed her way through the crowd.  As we came closer to our destination I saw what seemed to be some type of control center, where my bags were taking from me, headphones placed over my Huntsville Stars fitted, and it was on. Codie G being interviewed by NPR radio and the All Songs Considered crew. The questions were the questions I have been waiting to answer my whole career in music. Why, What, When, Where, and How did this happen. What made this different were the listeners on the other end of the transmission. New York, Philly, Seatlle, St. Paul/Minneapolis, and Austin stations were airing this live. I feel like I blacked out in the interview. It was like NPR provided me that stage and platform to truly make people respect our music, but even further respect our minds. They were intrigued on how the sound of one laptop could compete with live instruments, and supply a superior sound. I was able to discuss briefly the love hate relationship we have with our city and its quest to grow. I discussed the migration of hip-hop from its origin to its stay here in Huntsville. I got crazy messages from close friends and people talking about this interview. I wish I could hear it. Even more than that, I just hope somebody heard it.