Island Mind State

Today is the day that I have officially landed on the island. This wasn’t some type of mishap to where I’m stranded behind some treacherous storm at sea. Instead this is by choice. This is what is needed for the betterment (is that a word?) of this thing we call Slow Motion Soundz. All the key players of SMS are also on their own islands. The Island is a place for revitalization, a place for cleansing, and the reconnection with all the things you may have lost on this journey. In some ways the people around us forced us to this island mind state, in other cases it was from the mistakes we made that we had to distance the true nature of our purpose, to protect it away from thieves who only seek our essence, or to know our next move. Solitude sometimes is looked down upon, but in this case solitude will bring us closer to our true reflection, as the creator looks down at us living the gift. Find your island. Find your place. Find your peace. 11/11/11.

This what the island sound like when I touched down. See Julianne Barwick at Pitchfork Music Festival along with many other artist, including G-Side.


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