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G-Side Performing For The Alabama Music Hall of Fame

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Jackson, Oxford, and NOLA Pics (G-Side)

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Martin’s in Jackson, MS

Jackson was a strange show. G-Side performed on a Wednesday. Middle of the week in the bible belt at a dive bar. Our opener was an all female band that had only been playing together for about a month. They did well, even though they should have sound checked prior to the show. I kind of expected the show not to pack out since we had never been to Jackson, but those are some of best shows, when the group is able to connect with every person in the establishment. Our goal this year is to expand on the what we have already done, and be able to come back at a later date to a bigger crowd. You can’t beat the band closing the G-Side set with them on the fly with a Martin’s rendition of “Whose Hood”. Shout out to Martin’s.

Proud Larry’s in Oxford, MS

Oxford, MS, home of the University of Mississippi, A.K.A, Ole Miss. We went to Proud Larry’s for the first time last year back when we were learning the ropes of being on the road. I think we played in front of 25 people last year. 25 of the most receptive people I guess, cause this year we played in front of a packed house. This was the show S.L.A.S.H. went Hollywood on me too.


Siberia in NOLA

First let me say R.I.P. to all the people who lost their life in Hurricane Katrina. I was excited to see what G-Side could do in the Big Easy. With the musical history of NOLA, and its completely different feel of music from the type of music we do, it was interesting to see how the music would come across. In every instance I have seen these guys win a crowd.  There is always this steady pace for people to  move towards the stage. By the end of the show people in the audience are looking around at each other like, did I just possibly see one of the best hip hop shows for 5 bucks?