I Got Five Singles On It. (Not Rap Music List)

The top 5 Songs of 2010 outside of Hip Hop that got a lot of listens from me. 2010 I became a fan of music again.

Ratatat “Bilar”-This song was like a new beginning for your boy Codie G. I heard it first on NPR while I was at work. Amazing record.

Local Natives “Wide Eyes” – This may be the biggest mistake not getting a contact on these guys while backstage at SXSW. They went on before G-Side and I was busy running around making sure things were in order. These guys are dope. Best album of 2010 to me.

Geographer “Paris” – This was a hard choice due to the song “Kites”is a dope piece. This song edged it out due to the fact this is where G-Side’s “Impossible” came from. Mike Deni and Geographer were the first band we heard in Austin. They were this close from being a part of the One.

CFCF is the homie as well. Expect big things from collabing with him in the future. Dude is awesome.



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