One…The Cohesive Album Cover (The Last Visual Leak)

After 10 months of going back and forth with John Turner, Jr., I present to you the album cover for G-Side’s, Block Beattaz, and Slow Motion Soundz most anticipated release of our careers. This cover is only the tip of the iceberg of the artistic value that will be included in this album. A lot of people don’t consider hip hop music a form of art anymore. I pray after 1.1.11 that mood of the music will return to mist of the music buying, listening, and criticism process. Going into this project we felt like we had done accomplished a lot of things based on the artistic value over the political side of the business. We went to Norway without a deal or a million dollars on the glass. The music these guys are producing right now paralleled with the artwork will leave whoever experiences this album in a moved state of mind. Meaning we don’t want to kill your brains cells with Clear Channel formatted songs. Hopefully they will be left feeling this is the best album they have ever heard. Below is another song for me personally that influenced my thinking on this record. 1.1.11 is less than 35 days away.


3 Responses to “One…The Cohesive Album Cover (The Last Visual Leak)”

  1. Is there anyway to preorder this to get it shipped by release date to sweden ? Huntsville International was the best hip hop record of 2009 and I bet this is no doubt going to be the best of 2010

  2. Edward Powell Says:

    I love the art of sound. And I love this art cover. Codie Go I been waiting on this album

  3. Will it be released on vinyl?

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