Leak #17 With Instructions

If player is not working. http://soundcloud.com/codie-global/cees-production-exclusive

We have been listening to instrumentals for damn near a year now. Every time it would either be yes this feels like One or no this doesn’t feel like the One. In a perfect world there would be a trillion songs on this album or may be just One big song with a trillion variations. Something new happened in this year. We brought in more people who make beats and future producers. We now have more of them than rappers. Today I want to introduce a track @Ceesproduction sent to me and it is very Oneish in my opinion. With that said, follow these instructions. I’m bout to let you hear what the Artwork sound like. After you hear this you will know you have been listening to the album ever since we dropped the first PSA and artwork leak.

Instructions Below

1. Get to your favorite location for zoning out.

2. Find your best speakers. Computer, surround sound, earphones etc. You have to really hear this to truly make this work.

3. Pull up leak #17 on your computer screen. Make it full screen.

4. Light up or pour up. (You may choose to do both. It’s your world.)

5. Press Play.

6. Glance back at Leak #17

7. 1.1.11


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