Leak #13 & Rising Sun Revisited

About a year ago I was sitting at my desk at the gig. I happened to call CP to check to see if H.I.P. was close to being done. When I called I heard the above YouTube clip  playing in the background. I left work immediately. By the time I got to the studio Peezo had already added his signature hi-hats. I recorded about 45 seconds to my phone and listened to it the remainder of my day at work. This is my first time knowing who actually did the original. So it’s ironic that the original is “Silent Moon” and ours was titled “Rising Sun”. Rising Sun made a huge impression not only from a lyrical standpoint, but in my opinion this was the standout production on the project. I have been listening to a few tracks off of the One…The Cohesive Album and I think I know which song will mirror this song, not in subject matter or sound, but in this is amazing impact. Shout out to www.straightbangin.blogspot.com for his write-up on this as well.

Leak #13


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