(G-Side) Oxford American Interview in Pictures

Mission Control. Home of the album Starshipz and Rocketz.

Operation Huntsville Wall. We looked at this wall everyday and partied the same way during the making for Starshipz and Rocketz. At this time we couldn’t even see outside the city limits on the map above. That album was made in the true HSV essence of that time.

Jon Kirby from Waxpoetics who was down here for an interview for Oxford American in front of a pair of Alabama ‘Sixes. Jon was the first journalist to see Mission Control and the birthplace of the epic Starshipz and Rocketz.

Clova getting that money at the shop in Athens. The growth of black business is always a good thing to see.

Codie G and S.T. chilling on the Alabama side of Clova’s Barbershop. There are no chairs on the Auburn side. RTR!!!!!

Kristmas on them plates after the club. We still country in Huntsville.

ST and R.Dot. Take notes at the Lite Bread.

I think this is when Jon got his #DB49 name. Joe Loko in front of another set of SMS ‘Sixes.

Clova recording for the One…The Cohesive Album in Studio B at the Speed of Sound.

G-Side mixing down The Cohesive Album. 1.1.11


2 Responses to “(G-Side) Oxford American Interview in Pictures”

  1. it’s crazy to see it from an outside perspective

  2. SMS,
    It’s nice to see that the “Send a White Boy to Huntsville” program is still going strong! I remember when I won my trip like it was yesterday!
    P.S. Ballers Eve Playa

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