Back to the Recording Process

On October first I stepped away from the recording process for two reasons. One, I was burnt out from going day in day out for the past eleven years. Two, I didn’t want to cloud the recording process between G-Side and the Block Beattaz with business formatted ideas. I thought the process needed non of  that type of energy flooding the gates of creativity. Furthermore, I wanted to be a fan of the music that I heard. Now, just because I wasn’t physically at the studio day for day didn’t mean I wasn’t working and studying. I had received a few emails concerning the album, what it sounds like, the name of the album,  how it will be released, so on and so on. These emails were from good friends so the questions seemed to be more concern than doubt. A lot of admin stuff was going on for me such as completing contracts, licensing, interviews, etc. Speakng of interviews we have only one lined for this release so far. I haven’t been knocking doors down for press leading into this record. Some say I’m crazy for not doing that. But the one we did  drops December 1st through Oxford American along side a compilation featuring Huntsville International the single on 60,ooo copies. This will be the Alabama issue covering music from all genres throughout Alabama’s musical history. Truly honored by the 2000 words max they are allowing us to have. It was during this interview that I finally got to see the ins and outs of the city known as Athens. Songs such as Whose Hood, In the Rain, Youth of the Ghetto, and Paradise stuck out to me. I’m from North Huntsville so I know that story and that culture, but to see Athens which is part of the metro-area, it really shed a new light on the group G-Side, previously known as Uptown Minors. During the trek through the woods of lil Athens our jet stream was propelled by the sounds of the One…The Cohesive Album. No doubts or concerns over here.

The homie John Turner Jr flew down this past weekend from NYC to show us the last pieces of the artwork. Wowwwww!!!!!  After dropping John off at Huntsville International Airport I shot to Florence to pick my kids up from their grandmothers but before I landed on the Westside, I stopped at the Alabama Hall of Fame blasting the One record right there in the  front  parking lot. If anybody deserves to be there I feel the Slow Motion Soundz story is one for the ages. Now I’m back. Well rested and ready to go. 1.1.11


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