One…The Cohesive Album…The Details

It’s crazy how removing yourself from a routine makes you appreciate the smallest details. Details you might not notice while still in the mist of daily living. Personally due to personal choice and the other half based on circumstances out of my control I have removed myself for a few weeks from the musical manufacturing process to somewhat breathe a normal life. I felt like I needed this before I go into the month of November and the final push for the beginning of the year. I think I may have heard one or two hooks off the One…The Cohesive album in the past few months. I have been listening to the instrumentals for the past eight months, looking at the artwork at the same time, really submerging myself in the process. I haven’t heard any of the rappers music people are discussing these days. I’ve really been digging deep to find the perfect way to play my part with presenting One…The Coheisve Album to the fans. The conclusion is there is no perfect way to present an album from Slowmotion Soundz produced by the Block Beattaz via the group G-Side to the public’s reach. Only thing we can do at this point in our careers is make music that we like, pay attention to detail, and continue to move on this path we have been on. For me, once I got to the point to where I felt like I wasn’t competing with the next person, really focused in on the fact of having my own lane, my view of this record, and its purpose for Codie took more of an action of overstanding and less seeking. Overstanding the truths within over the lies that are being portrayed by an industry disconnected from the spirit of the people. Overstanding this life is more than music, but what you do with music is up to you. I feel like God gives everyone a gift while here on Earth. He knew what we would face, so he gave us something to help us fight the good fight. For me the One reps the embracing of the gift in my journey, outside of the matrix of media, radio, and fake ass conferences. This is the record where we will focus in on the detail most are ignoring right now and that’s the music.


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