One…The Cohesive Album…The Procedure

Since 1999 there has been one major function in the method of making this music we know as Slow Motion Soundz which has gone under the radar. The procedure which can only be conducted in the city limits of Huntsville is the 565 test. Many songs have been tested on interstate 565. It’s one thing to be in the city dipping through the city streets or better yet the back roads listening to your music. That portion test is made most nights leaving the studio on some random music somebody gave you to check out. But there are certain songs which you hear and the first fixation that comes to mind is “I gotta ride 565 to this, no questions asked”. We have purposely driven the 18 mile stretch of highway just to get a feel for particular songs and how they fit the mold of our surrounding area known as Huntsvegas as well as how they will paint the picture of our home on the finished product. You can catch the trip either traveling west coming across Chapman Mountain or you take exit 340 off 65 and cut through Mooresville and Madison traveling back east. The only thing about the test phase is it has to be conducted at night. Trust me, the analysis is vast under these conditions.


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