One…The Cohesive Album…One Year Ago

This time last year we were putting on the finishing touches to the Huntsville International Project in hopes that something would come from its release. This time last year G-Side had only done one show outside of the state and we had no idea how the next or if any shows were on the horizon. This time last year we were nervous to see if we could match the fire power of our indie breakthrough album Starshipz and Rocketz. When we dropped Starshipz it was more a damned if it don’t or going ham if it do battle cry to that album and the process in making it happen. We recorded Starshipz in the basement of the homie’s Meek crib equipped with the best sercurity in the world, Big Worm. (A pit mixed with a black panther). The success of that album was all the way appreciated, but at the same time the mentions with our peers across the world started to ring out. We began to hit the road with no purpose but to thank those who may have only wrote about the album. We bought plane tickets and paid for gas  for people to travel to Huntsville just to hear what we did before it was released. Since then we have shot videos in front of the Empire State building, we popped on websites that Google Translator can’t even translate all the way correct. We actually made some good friends in a business filled with snakes and backstabbers. My friends in this know who they are. You made this bigger than music for us.

At the same time last year we felt a little more seasoned going into the Huntsville International record. We had more pre-Huntsville International interviews than we could imagine. Looking back at it we had somewhat of a buzz. The record got pushed back a few days and ended up dropping while we were in New York 11.18.09. We had our first release party (LISTEN HERE) on Baller’s Eve Radio in New York City. After that we were flying back and ST blurts out “We need some shows”. I have never managed a group before G-Side so the only thing I as a new manager could muster up was “Wait til the first of the year”.  I didn’t know any venues, promoters, how to write a show rider, or anything else but I did know we needed shows. I’m not a gambling man, but the poker face I had to keep the confidence of my troops held strong. And then it happened on my son’s birthday

January 3rd, 2010 I got an email that read:

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Christoffer

Date: Sun, Jan 3, 2010 at 7:12 AM
Subject: G-Side in Scandinavia

What´s good, my name is Chris, and I run an urban music booking agency in Oslo, Norway.
I got your contact info from my friend Marius (Dj Giraffo), he said I could talk to you about the possibility of bringing G-Side out for some dates in the winter?
My agency believes strongly in bringing out new, fresh artists to the european market,
we brought Lil Wayne out before people had hear about him here, and last year I brought out Lady Gaga 2 months before her radio hits hit our territories. I have also worked with a lot of other southern US acts, like Jeezy, Luda, Three 6 Mafia and Rick Ross.
I have the Huntsville International tape on heavy rotation, and think that others up here can appreciate it also!
If you´d like to come out , we can help you with some good, high-exposure club shows in first class venues, and also assist you in booking media interviews to get press coverage in these new markets. We
we work tight with both labels and media, and can help you get the boost you need to get a name here,
I can offer showcases in these cities:
Oslo, Norway
Bergen, Norway
Stockholm, Sweden
Copenhagen, Denmark
London, United Kingdom (I know yu have your own contacts there also)
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

As G-Side is not an established name in our region, we can not charge a high ticket fee on the concerts, but if you´d like to come over and boost your name, I can offer to pay flights, ground transportation, 4/5 star hotel, catering and a per diem of usd _____ per crew member.

If you feel like doing this, We´ll make sure to do our best to help you get a name here, so that next time you come over, We can offer you a good fee and bigger venues!
Qualitytime, booking & promotion.

Booking. Promotion. Music. Quality.

After that the phone didn’t stop ringing. I had told the guys while still in New York on the release date, if we did 5, 000 to 10,000 downloads the first week things would happen. We did right at 5,100 and some change the first week. None of that bullshit to where people boost numbers but these were genuine downloads from genuine listeners, supporters, and fans. To date  we only did 21,000 downloads and went to paid shows. Here’s a recap

BottleTree, Birmingham, Alabama

The Parrish, SXSW, Austin, TX

Zydeco, Birmingham

The Garage, Bergen Norway

Club Blue, Oslo, Norway

Guilford College, Greensboro, NC

Forgot the Venue, Memphis, TN (Missed this due to bad weather)

The Gallery Bar, New York, New York

Sam and Greg’s Huntsville, AL

UAH, Huntsville, AL

Vertical House Records, Huntsville, AL

Crossroads, Huntsville, AL

Lowe Mill Dock, Huntsville, AL

Eclipse Coffee Show, Montevallo, AL

Maysles Cinema, Harlem, NY

Rounders Tuscaloosa, AL

WrongBar, Toronto,ON

Lomax Lodge, Jacksonville, FL

Mercy Lounge, Nashville, TN

Fast forward to the present, we just did 4,000 miles in 4 days, two countries, with time spent in 5 different states. Did I mention we got paid for all these shows? With all that being said, we are now getting some pretty decent shows, in some well respected venues, and I now know a few promoters.

Going into next few months we are close to dropping the one. We have been releasing artwork or you may have seen 1.1.11 floating around the internet. This to me is the album that the industry past over all those years when they knew who we were and where we were. This is the album that your favorite rapper when approached to work with the Block Beattaz will feel like complete asses for not copping a track when we shopped it to them for the low. This might be the album that shakes the Earth at its core and sets the days of last into reverse back to day One. 1.1.11

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