Back to the Basic Sketchbook Paper Leak#7

The Root ^^^^ OLD School Pencil and Paper

****Disclaimer: The Law of Repetition was used in this piece. ****

I love when true talent is able to over ride the makings of technology or the special effects of enhancing something to give it a sense of being polished and is leveled by simplicity. Don’t get me wrong to manipulate an original and make it your own is wonderful, but to make something from scratch, to compose  music for an orchestra between each clef note, or even to make biscuits from scratch is becoming a lost art in this world of microwave paced demand. For the past few months I have been studying those people who really play instruments, those people who really pick up a paint brush, and those people who really excel at the short link they are promoting on Twitter. I have been asking the question for years about if the electricity went out who could survive  and still make music? If there was no vocoder who could really sing to calm the people derived of those lost modern amenities? I think I’m at the age of respecting the root and the process over the finished product. Understanding the root and the process is what really gives the finished product a leg to stand on. It’s my opinion that the industry is falling due to the fact of the initial root and process of making an album and what an album once stood for is not part of the equation. Even for those people concentrating on a single song approach. This important factor  has taking a backseat to the high-speed excitement of a rush to market piece of merch with no sales pitch except for the  tickets to the release party. With the work going into the Cohesive Album I have gained a new respect for the root and the process. I’m on my #NATGEO ish so please stay with me. With all that said today’s leak represents the root of it all. You saw the process a few days ago. If not see for yourself HERE.


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