The Road 2 One officially has kicked off. The crazy thing about this is preparing myself for the journey at hand, plus looking in the rearview of the road traveled already. It’s been a journey filled with good times, bad  times, success and setbacks. The thing that sticks out the most to me is the fact I haven’t jumped ship from this moving vehicle we call Slow Motion Soundz  music. How can I jump ship when I am part of the machine. I haven’t done this by myself though. While I was out traveling the world taking this SMS Flag state to state, country to country, playing our part helping to  build this thing known as Huntsville rap. My brother CP has been anchored down holding down the fort, day for day. Ten years plus. As far as I’m concerned when he and Mali touch this ONE project music will never be the same for us and that’s just it. We are doing this record for us this time out. We are about to make a record the way we know how to make a record. COHESIVE.


This was written and recorded three days after my Aunt Annie “LA SHAW” Rice died. I locked myself in a room for three days to remove myself from everything. When I returned back to the studio I heard Kristmas and Cunta’s “Somebody”. I automatically went and recorded this. Real Time Music.



  1. Dawn Peters Says:

    This is Beautiful

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