Terry Heights Community Appreciation Day


When I say I’m Huntsville, I’m HUNTSVILLE. This weekend June 26th, 9am to 5pm come out and support the Terry Heights Community Appreciation Day. Spearheaded by Artillery South this will be a day filled with free food, inflatables, face painting, gift card give aways, snow cones, and much more. Also there will be a celebritykick ball game at 1:30 pm. It will be held at 2900 Barbara Drive,  the now closed down Terry Heights Elementary School. This is a special event to me due to the fact my grandma had 3 houses on Barbara Drive,  my aunt had a house on Barbara Drive, my cousins had houses on Barbara Drive, and my grandaddy on the otherside of the family stayed on Barbara Drive. Special shoutout to Shea from Atteze Managment  for helping with this as well, plus his work over in Mason Court projects helping the kids over at the library. Shea grew up on Barbara Drive as well. So yall come out and get some of this culture. This use to be the heart of the city before the North Side was the North Side.  I can’t forget Montrell for his work on this as well.


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