The Road to The One…The Cohesive Album

All starting points have an ending and all endings have a start. When we were blessed to travel abroad based on the music we have been developing over the past decade it was sort of the end in so many ways. The insecurities of being involved in a game filled with pitfalls set up to make persons spend large portions of their musical lives striving to be a part of machine driven not on art, meaning, or purpose but more of a fairytale seasoned with pixie dust. This pixie dust is known to blind the seeker of stardom into a state of a zombie like being destroying the focus from the genesis, alleviating the hunger from the door. Feeding off of lies and deception, instead of what this music is really about. As far as I’m concerned that phase of us searching for the standard way out was deterred by the doors opened for us through a constant consumption of faith and staying true to our southern roots in an ever-changing playing field called planet earth. After the trip to Norway I realized that people still were in the business of looking for good music even if the artist didn’t have a pixie dust Benz, or a Hollysouth mansion on MTV Cribs, or a chain that cost 25,000 arms and legs in Sierra Leone Blood Diamonds. I understood people still needed music like I needed music when Goodie dropped “Soul Food”.  An album that I tell my sons to this day help save my life.  Yes you read right. The Goodie album helped me see through the foggy mist of the 90s to the real life south in which I was walking. When it comes to music that we do I want that type of impression to be left on our listeners. I want those people who are growing up on  our music to hopefully one day be in the same vain.

As we go into this record it is the beginning of a new era of our time in this region of living. I am 31 years old with a son on his way to being 13 years old. I don’t view the world as some choose, well I can’t. I’m grown. With that being said I’m not in the business of impressing people or playing games, you know the saying  “it’s chess not checkers”. I’m more into being a realist, a person that sees the value in things even if there is not a price tag to tell me what I should understand as value.

One…The Cohesive Album is just what it says, It’s one complete piece of work that will signify more than any of these major labels could have done for us, or these fake break middle men trying to treat us like we some back wood coons who can’t read. I’m speaking like this and we haven’t recorded the first song, but I hear the complete record in my soul as I type. And that’s what I hope those people who have supported us are able to do. If you been here for a few years you too should be able to hear the One before it even hits your Ipod or CD player. If you have ever put in a Slow Motion Soundz CD and it took you literally, spiritually, physically, and mentally into a state away from the superficial and placed you in the official, well that’s the One. We knocking these records out together in a state of hip hop utopia known as the Speed of Sound, Sound Engineering Facility. I just ask that yall stay tuned and there will be only One leak. The release of the Artwork.  In everything we do we pray, so I just pray God blesses us to get this record done and we are able to share it with our fans, family, our home, and with each other.  Selah


2 Responses to “The Road to The One…The Cohesive Album”

  1. birdman37 Says:

    cant wait to hear it!

  2. […] audio (only artwork) leaks from G-Side’s upcoming album before its release, we can expect the road to be paved with landmark pieces such as Money In The Sky (a track produced the morning after […]

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