G-Side Photoshoot

Myspace still works. Ask J.O. over at T.I.M. (Time is Money) based out of Huntsville. Over the past few months he has A&Red three tracks, a photoshoot, and the sell of over 30 physical records. All these transactions except for one took place outside of Huntsville. A few months ago J.O. called me and was like Vertical House Records which was voted Huntsville’s best place to buy music was looking for G-Side’s music. Not only did they sale  the H.I.P., G-Mane and the Highlight tape are getting drove off the second floor of the historic Lowe Mill. This is just part one of the photoshoot. In part two I will show how all this led to the Bike Ride House Show  in Huntsville plus how WE REALLY make #HSVUNITED.

Photos by Ashley aka Gashley

Location Vertical House Records located at Lowe Mill for Entertainment in Huntsville, Alabama


2 Responses to “G-Side Photoshoot”

  1. I see yall boys actin up. Do ya thang.

  2. This is what should motivate the entire city, state, and beyond! J.O. has a niche and blazin with it – now I’m working with him……

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