“Promoters Trying to Play Me Like I’m Local”

2009 was one hell of a year for the duo known around the world as G-Side. 2009 was documented through youtube footage, in-depth blog write ups, and enough digital downloads to establish G-Side as one of the front runners of the 2010 push. In a world of very few groups and a very competitve stable of solo artist, G-Side seems to be in a lane of their own.  In the young year of 2010, G-Side has been on the go shooting videos, talking to clothing companies concerning endorsements, and even scoring a few shows in Europe. Click HERE for more  info. Below are some pics shot by 30 Pack from the video shoot of G-Side’s  “What Its All About”, directed by Jordan Merz. Stay tuned.


3 Responses to ““Promoters Trying to Play Me Like I’m Local””

  1. They NEED good muzik across the pond…glad ya’ll can give it to’em….BAMA Stand Up!

  2. tedgillespie Says:

    Much love from the fuckin’ 256 over across the pond!

  3. Codie G man, is there any way I can get a physical copy of the HIP out in Oregon?

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