2009 Year End Review “The Statement”


      I can’t believe 2009 is almost over.  I read a post on Twitter a few days ago that “2009 was the best year of their life”. I don’t know about being the best of year of my life, but I will say 2009 is an important year. Hip Hop in Huntsville had a damn good year. I remember sitting with 6 Tre Gangsta early summer, watching as he focused in on the runway of Boss Muzik, preparing to carve new territory for himself and the city. I sat and watched some other upper classmen (those that were around with us back in later 90’s early 2000 time frame) jump into the big leagues, shouts out to the before mentioned 6 Tre, as well as PRGz and Jackie Chain. In 2009 three deals came through Huntsville. Jive, Universal, and E1 all had a piece of the Rocket City sound. G-Side (I write this with no bias) dropped another gem. On the independent level I don’t know anyone who dropped an album of H.I.P. caliber. I was blessed to see that grow and drop 8 days late. The response has humbled me. The OGs were not left out of the loop. GMane, Tam Tam, and Rudi Deville held their own amongst the newbies out here. It wasn’t just the artist that made 2009 special for Huntsvegas. The boys on the boards supplied an ample amount of production to not only keep the heavy weights in the fight but some new careers were birthed on the high supply of manufactured sonic dope. This alone helped small upstarts hit the block and vie for a chance to be heard. Block Beattaz (G-Side, Jackie Chain, and PRGz), Ben Frank (Yung LA and Lil Ru), Ken P (Artillery South), and Rafael Andres (KD and Nate B’s Extraordianary Ni99a) made sure the sound of Huntsville was secure enough to say that we accepted the challenge.

     Hip Hop wasn’t the only thing to propel Huntsville to open some doors, turn some heads, and q-tip some ears. It was the city itself. After meeting so many people over the course of the last twelve months, I invited everyone I met to Huntsville. I wanted people to see exactly where this music was coming from. I was going even pay for some room and board if I had too. (Ask anybody who made the trip) The point of this was for people to report it from the sidewalk instead of from a computer terminal. I wanted people to see the hang ups we have to face, but at the same time see the benefits of doing business in Huntsville. Burn One and Cancer came down in 08 to have a first listen of the Starshipz and Rocketz album. Not at a classy party, but deep in the basement from which it arose. Big Worm and all. These are the encounters that inspired me to start a Huntsville Got Starz. Put on for my city? No. Put my city on. (ST got that from me, #jussayn). So to those that made the trip, thanks.

     Huntsville grinded with us. As we entered into national publications and websites from FADER to www.dirtyglovebasterd.net, the city itself was catching time on Forbes, CNN Money, and Kiplingers. The city was coined recession proof and the number one small city to start a business, number ten overall. When people ask us why we are still here, well just ask Forbes for the answer. Even with that being said we have a long way to go in this city. They have closed down three schools and there are talks of teacher layoffs in the Spring of 2010. Projects have been knocked down and the face of our city is changing behind zoning and the lack of urban involvement. Yet we have an 80 million dollar jail and talks of a federal half way house, both on the North Side of the city. Our side of the city. So for those that think we don’t have a story, you don’t know the half. Going into 2010, I say congratulations to all those still pressing in the direction of something better. We still have a long way to go.  Huntsville, I’m proud of everybody out here getting it in. I pray for us and the success of our hardwork. I thank yall for just letting me play my part.

     This exclusive Huntsville Year End Review will have many parts attached. Like most things Huntsville it is not scripted. It will develop with natural time with stories that shaped 2009. Some you are aware of and others that will be new to you. Special shout out to all the bloggers  and real people who pushed me to do this blog.  Huntsville Got Starz. Happy New Year. 20WIN equals 2010. (Jimmy Heart Quote)


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