No Co-Signs

The Ciity



This whole year we have released very little G-Side music. After the Starshipz and Rocketz project, we were pushed into a direction of our own. Many were out trying to secure deals, others were trying to ride the waves of others, while we at Slow Motion Soundz were trying to rebuild what we felt like we built. “Starshipz and Rocketz” was the first piece of work that we worked on as a collective unit since the VSOP album of 2003. After the artist we worked with moved on with their careers ( Everything All Love til this day) we were left with a decision, keep going or stop. CP went into a shell and it felt like Slow Motion Soundz had run it’s course to no motion. One day while riding looking for a play I get a call from CP to check out some music. It was the “Sumthin 2 Hate” album. I was floored by songs like Swagger (2005), Ice Kisses, and Pray. At this point we had ourselves an album and a video (What up Bush?). From that point on it  was on.  Starshipz took us on a ride we have never been on, and that album still is moving across the invisible lines of the internet today. But right now we are gearing up for Huntsville International, named after our airport, (Noz this is an airplane album also, but our first album in 1999 that was never released went by the same name, so we did it first) will show and bring to light our reach over seas and will be our first time as a business incorporating other brands into the mix. So what we have been doing is documenting the ride via YouTube and through pics like the ones featured here by 30 Pack, to light the path for The H.I.P. (Huntsville International Project.) So to the few that stuck around and fought with us, never turned they back, kept pushing through the hard times I say, “Slow Motion, Betta that No Motion” and that’s on the 767. Selah


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  1. […] then though, hit this button and bask in the glory that is Huntsvegas. Then go and read what the man behind the movement, Codie G, has to say about Slow Motion’s journey so far. […]

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