The Scene for the Next Video

Bridge 1

bridge 2

So I’m on google spring 2008 trying to see what I could find out about the reach of my city and the scene. Out the blue I see a website with behind the site name, and an exclusive Huntsville mixtape. After days of trying to find a contact, I finally got in contact with Rob and it’s been on and popping every since. What you guys must understand, to my knowledge Rob put together the whole mixtape on his own. This wasn’t a strategy by us to get the UK to take notice , to be honest it seemed far fetched to me. It was then I became aware of Hip Hop Connection Magazine, the world’s original hip hop magazine (1988-2008). Rob told me he and a guy by the name of Dave had been bumping the music for a while and they would like to hear more. With in a month the scene had some write ups in the magazine. Before it was all said and done we were mentioned in 6 of the last 8 issues. Hip Hop Connection fell victim to the fall of a lot of print media mags, due to declining add purchases from the global economic problem. What people must understand is yes, we are making music and want to get paid, but I’m also learning that the music is just step one in that process. The second thing is making sound relationships and bonds, in this case, spans across the big pond known as the Atlantic. These guys, along with Superix, have propelled the Huntsville scene to reach for new heights. Instead of trying to stay regional and shoot for ATL nights, we are connecting and trying to knock  down Euro doors from an independent level. Not from a major metro, but from an island of a city known as Huntsville, AL. Click the link up top, Dave and Rob them, go back a year then catch up.



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