Kenny G Enroute to HSV


Tired of taking your girl to the Greenroom and somebody burning her hair with the tip of their black and mild. Tired of wearing your, new J’s to the BenchWarmer and getting Yac, Vodka, and Natural Ice wasted on them, and they end up more wasted then you. Well step your square toe game up and check this out. Make it a Bonefish Grille night instead of the Waffle House

Kenny G, the renowned saxophone player, is performing “The Holiday Show” Dec. 17 at 8 p.m. at the VBC Concert Hall. Tickets are $48-$68.

Over the past two decades Kenny G has established himself as the biggest-selling instrumental musician of the modern era, with global sales totaling more than 75 million albums, with 45 million albums sold in the U.S. alone. He has collaborated with the likes of Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, Natalie Cole and Frank Sinatra.

In 1994, Kenny broke a record with his holiday compilation, “Miracles.” It was Kenny’s first album to hit number No. 1 on the Billboard Top 200 chart and became the best selling holiday album of all-time.

Other notable works of his include “Classics in the Key of G,” which featured “What a Wonderful World,” the virtual duet with Louis Armstrong, and “The Girl From Ipanema” duet with Bebel Gilberto, and “I’m in the Mood for Love: The Most Romantic Melodies of All Time,” the saxophonist’s unique take on some of the greatest love songs ever written.


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