This week I want to focus on the video and some of the stops we made
along the way. Today I want to shine some well deserved spotlight on
DQM (Dave’s Quality Meat) in NYC. The name threw me off the first time
I was in New York back in February. Once I got there I knew that steak
wasn’t on the menu, but to my surprise there as an array of
skateboards, New Era hats, T-Shirts, custom G-Shocks, and of course
the official shoe of Huntsville the Air Max. The atmosphere here both
times was all peace, inviting, and groundbreaking in my eyes. Beside
Yelawolf, I think were the first Alabama Crew to experience the store
in the magnitude we were blessed with. (Shout out to J Dirrt). Our
second trip here was a tad bit different from the first trip we took
there as Southern tourist. This time it was all business. This is one
of the exclusive shots we got for the video “This is Life/Trying to
Get Rich”.  Peep the pics out and check out the website
http://www.dqmnewyork.com .


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