R.I.P. Darrion Albert

This is a damn shame that “NIGGAS” act like this. I feel ashamed to even say I’m black watching this shit. Excuse my language, I usually don’t come off like this but this is why Martial Law will be implemented in our neighborhoods because of ignorance like this. This is truly beyond me right here. I dont give a fuck if it’s hood for hood, gang for gang. or thug for thug this doesn’t add up to be gangsta to me. You can sale them dreams to somebody else about the lifestyle but this doesn’t add up. Where the money at? Who in this picture is truly on the verge of breaking the curse that plagues our community? For all you fake ass rappers that promote 100% bullshit look at this kid’s mother mane. Then to go even deeper they let the black reporter report to the global community the ills that cover our streetcurbs city to city, state to state. So while Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson run around waiting for the next police beating or the next white man to call a black man a Nigger, they should have their black asses in the community everyday a black kills another black. Oh my bad not enough hours in the day for that. I’m done standing by and watching us destroy us. R.I.P. Darrion Albert.


2 Responses to “R.I.P. Darrion Albert”

  1. cp slowmotion soundz Says:

    damn..i dont think they wanna see martial law..reading about worries me…watch and pray(with my ak of course)

  2. MANNY CHEVY Says:

    Yeah bruh. i still can’t believe this. All these folks stood by and watched this? We got to do better. We out here EXTERMINATING ourselves over straight foolishness. YAH help us!

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