Mr. Marcellus is Back!!!!

Roger 1

The real Mr. Marcellus is back!!!!!! One of my favorite rappers, PERIOD!!!!

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One Response to “Mr. Marcellus is Back!!!!”

  1. …this guy is one of a kind. i met mr macellus when i was about 8, him and his brother were outside throwin a football around and he has been my mellow ever since. we were always close, hell his mama used to whoop my ass too so we brothers…he has had the same flow since we were 11 when we first started. he got an old spirit and a ton of game…the flow is consistant and rolls smoother than anybody i know…im tryin to get him, S.T., and Pope to do something together..they might need some encouragement from ya’ll…damn that would be a rap gem

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