Huntville in the UK

Rob Breezy

Rob Breezy and Dave. Damn mane where do I start. How about I start at his first mixtape from Huntsville. What you the reader must understand he had put together a mixtape prior to us speaking. Now almost two years later our movement has moved through UK print media (R.I.P. Hip Hop Connection Magazine) and blogs on the backs of these two guys. Rob and Dave we are grinding for Glastonbury after that we going shoot to the Hove Fest (What up Giraffo in Norway?).

Huntsville Alabama Pt. 2 – The Return (Welcome Home Big P.O.P.E.)
Mixed Live From SM5 by Rob Breezy for Southern Hospitality

1. ‘Speed Of Sound’ – G-Side
2. ‘Throwed’ – Untamed feat. B Dewitt
3. ‘Eazy’ – G-Mane
4. ‘Da Woodz (Bama Remix)’ – Cole Boyz feat. Bama!
5. ‘Keyshia Cole’ – Paper Route Gangstaz
6. ‘That Lite’ – Untamed feat. Mr. Marcellus
7. ‘Let Me Grind’ – Hood Headlinerz
8. ‘100′ – X.O. feat. Mali Boi and CeeCee
9. ‘Hit Da Block’ – G-Side feat. Shyft
10. ‘Relax’ – Betta Half
11. ‘Born, Bred, Built’ – Money Addict
12. ‘Feel The’ – G-Side
13. ‘M2Z’ – Cole Boyz
14. ‘Think It Over’ – Mr. Marcellus feat. ST
15. ‘Boomerang’ – CP
16. ‘My Promise’ – Dawgy Baggz
17. ‘A Day Off’ – 6 Tre G
18. ‘Pop N Mo’ – Dennis The Menace

Throwback gems:
19. ‘Rock N Roll’ – South P.A.W. feat. CP
20. ‘Pray’ – G-Side feat. Big P.O.P.E.


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