Codie G Interviews Himself “WTF” (Huntsvegas Humpday)

Who inspired you to get in to the game?

I gotta say it was Tam. She was the first person I had day to day contact with that was out here making moves. Going to Chicago and opening for No Limit, back and forth to the A, making phone calls to the labels, labels calling her, and the whole time she writing albums, going to photo shoots, taking care of her son, the whole nine. Even before she got to that level  she told me, cuz I’m ’bout to rap. She ain’t stop since ya feel me.

What is her greatest attribute?

Well the fact she driven ya feel me. It aint to many people that know the game like Tam and her approach. She can hit a venue, handle the biz, rock the crowd, and grind her music all in the same setting. That’s the part I don’t think people know about Tam. She is driven

What do you see her doing in the future?

Straight up. This may sound biased but it’s not. I think she has the potential to be a true mogul. Her experience is impeccable, ya feel me. It’s hard to do what she do ya feel me. She know the streets, she know the internet, she know family, she know sacrifice, she know what it takes, above all that she know God. She one of Georgia Mae grandkids ya feel me. We aint got no choice but to go hard. No excuses.

Any last words?

Shout out to Tam, Big Image Worldwide, Biz, X Squad DJ’s, and RW Record Pool. Free "Z" mane. Peace


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