My Favorite Big P.O.P.E. Verse(Huntsvegas Humpday)

Leak of the WEEK “South Paw” Rock and Roll



So I go over to to see that Rob Breezy is dropping a “A Welcome Home Mixtape” for Big P.O.P.E.  I was like “Codie G”, you need to go ahead and let P.O.P.E. be the leak of the week. P.O.P.E. and I were in the studio just talking about life this past weekend, past, present and the future,  plus his outlook on the freeworld. The main point of our conversation was the “Wild Bill” murder. I had to ask that question because I know Wild Bill was a good dude.  I thought about P.O.P. E. during that time because he was locked up during the funeral. He told me the last time he saw Bill was at his last court date and Bill told him, “It’s on when you come home baby!”   What you the reader may not understand is P.O.P.E. is like the baby brother to all of us. For some reason the only thing we want is for P.O.P.E. to stay free and be able to experience all the love we have been able to encounter. So the leak of week is my favorite P.O.P.E verse (2004). Peep it out at Fairtilizer. CP from the Block Beattaz got the first verse. (Yall hit him at @slowmotion767) and tell him he need to get back in the booth)

Coming Next Week Rudi Deville



One Response to “My Favorite Big P.O.P.E. Verse(Huntsvegas Humpday)”

  1. Excellent choice. CP definitely needs to start writing again.


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