Huntsville Rewind Po’ One AKA Po’ Boi


Through conversation with people we have met since Huntsville has gained some attention from those outside the city, most of their history with the scene starts around 2004. You may find a few that have heard music before that but they are far and between. When we were in New York, Sam from Fader asked G-Side who influenced them, you know like OutKast, UGK, the usuals, but they replied back with Lil Hunter. I thought to myself, who influenced you Codie G? My answer would be Atteze, Public Domain, Ace of Spades, Image Ent, Lavish Records, South Click, Rawlow B, and the list goes on. I’m in the mist of reaching out to all these people to get that story told. These are the forefather’s to the Slow Motions, Pleazure Houses, PRGz,  or anybody else out of Huntsville. I’m talking about the early nighties, back when Carriage Inn was jumping, Faces was your first taste of the nightlife (at least for the North Side, maybe the lounge for the South Side) and Clyde’s, Alonzo’s, and Carrolls was the places to get your haircut. (Shout out to Freeman and Battle’s).

The first artist I want to shed light on is Po’ One (Po’ Boi) and the production of his brother Paul (Mr. Phoenix). It’s been ten years since MouthPiece 2000 dropped on Napptown Records. I got this CD from Donny C.who was cutting at Mike and Bill’s over on Meridian. When I heard this while riding on 565W, I knew we had embarked on something new. I got a live interview so I won’t go too in-depth, but I have to pay homage to those that laid the foundation for us right here in this city. Huntsville Got Starz and I’m going bring it to you. Selah

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3 Responses to “Huntsville Rewind Po’ One AKA Po’ Boi”

  1. You will succeed because you are TRUE to HSV… Proud to say you the Homie… STAY REAL

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  3. tennboyz931 Says:

    been on this shit since lacs an preces i luv it yall keep ya head up keep it real an keep makin that shit

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