NorthWest Huntsville At Night (35810) (Leak of the Week)









$wagg Buddies

jack boyz flyer



When we was coming up in the game we had to fight, scratch, push, and tug for anything we got. After we got it we had to fight, scratch, push, and tug just to keep it. During that time, we had a lot of people that would come around waiting on a chance just to get the chance to get in the booth. I remember Kuma when he was like fourteen years old ya feel me. Once I touched back down from a stay overseas, I saw Kuma at the Apex pushing a cd with Sharpie scripted on the front side. I took it home, peeped a few tracks and saw that the city really is diverse. I heard the real North Side Huntsville. (More on that in my future columns “Huntsville Rewind). Young Chevy was introduced to my thought process by Deno the Pixel P.I. when I saw his poster floating around the city. I didn’t get the cd until I was riding through Terry Heights and ran into O.G. Los, and he played a song for me that he was featured on with Chevy. Finally got the meet the young brother last week and was surprised at his humility and respect for the game. The move these guys are making backs up the statement I been screaming for a minute, Huntsville Got Starz. Peep the movie poster above  for “Jack Boyz” a movie by Anthony Quinn starring Chevy and cameos by the “Swagg Buddies”. Peep the leak of the week below brought to you by Shout out to DJ Ant and Petey Mo.


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