Codie G co-signs Himself “WTF?” (Huntsvegas Humpday)

Here is the Huntsville Got Starz Sneak peak. Codie G. who is writing this article is working on two projects outside of being the ear of Huntsville. He also is in the process of writing his second book “As Seen From Here…Alabama” a book that speaks on the Education system, Racism, the prison system, family, fatherhood, and many more topics from the standpoint of a soul born and raised in Alabama. (Huntsville).  He is also working on a spoken word album titled “Open Mic”. The meaning, “There is an open mic, so open your mind and expand the process of this thing we call music.” Here is a sneak peak of what I, I mean what he is working on.





A Piece of the Book

     Over the years I have heard one statement that left me puzzled each time that I heard it. “If I were born somewhere other than Alabama, then I wouldn’t be in the condition that I’m in now.” To me that never made sense and really seemed to be a cop out of sorts, so excuses were not tolerated. Throughout my years of living I never felt that way about my surroundings or my upbringing to feel that my story was any less than the next persons, if anything my surroundings made me realize the hidden treasures within these elements of life in which we have tracked…..


One Response to “Codie G co-signs Himself “WTF?” (Huntsvegas Humpday)”

  1. @itskingkuma Says:

    I gotta get a copy of this when you finish it….

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