Codie G’s Co-Sign of the Year “Extraordinary Ni99a”

Happy Huntsvegas HumpDay. This Leak is a testament that time waits for no man. You better believe that. We don’t live in a time where we are giving  time to wait. It’s people out here that are trying to achieve the same thing at the same time the same way. When I heard this track I was completely blown away. It said to me “Damn Codie G this is what Huntsville feels like right now, right this moment, not next year but right now”.  So if this is how the city feels then why not put something  out with how the city feels right now. Nate B has done that. He has teamed up with ST 2 Lettaz to drop what I think is the song of the summer. The mixtape “The Campaign” from Nate B is right around the corner. This dude was introduced to me less than four months ago. His mixtape is done. If you keep procrastinating others will progress. That’s a Codie G original. Enough said. click link below



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