Sound of Silence – Now and Then, on Fairtilizer

Sound of Silence

The first time I heard these cats was on Who’s Hot TV (shout out to DJ Dream) about a year ago. I was like we got to work with these guys. A few people beat us to the punch but in my opinion they didn’t get the full effect of what these guys can do. In some cases I think SOS had to dumb down their talents and  not really push the envelope. But don’t worry they have teamed up with the Block Beattaz and of course Huntsville Got Starz is breaking them to the world. This is just the first song of many from what I’m predicting as  future starz. (By the way they are on two tracks on the Huntsville International Project). Remember where you heard them first. By the way Cody one of the members said he was going to dunk on me (Codie G). I guess he don’t know about the Green and Gold, BUTLER REBELS!!!!. Peep the track below.

Oh yeah, they are from the Huntsville area. Town Creek to be exact.


Sound of Silence – Now and Then, on Fairtilizer

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