“My Aura” Behind the Scenes

The devil is a lie. If you haven’t been to the South or you don’t remember the last generation before “Trap Rap”, then you don’t know what that term means. Let me explain. June and July have been trying times for the whole visual production of the Huntsville International project. We started off by flying to San Diego taking the drive to LA shooting the video for Paradise getting probably the best footage any Alabama artist has ever recorded only to be postponed due to technicalities. J Dirrt from Baller’s Eve was out there also and he ran into some troubles so we couldn’t get up with him, plus the weather was terrible. Damn
June comes around and Noz has kept his word and got it to where Huntsville would be featured in a National publication. I can see it now Huntsville in the Vibe the month we drop Huntsville International. Can you say we have arrived? So June 30th rolls around and I’m on the phone with Damien M. from Vibe finishing up the article and I hear in the background Vibe folded. Damn.
Fast forward to mid-July (R.I.P. Wild Bill can’t believe it’s been two years mane), we are planning our return trip to NY, the day we go book plane tickets they shoot from 280 to 612 round trip. No problem, we will holla at Chris at Enterprise for a 7 passenger and just make a road trip, but these were his exact words “Sorry Codie G, no vans till September”. Damn.
Two nights ago it took us two hours to shoot what we have been trying two months to accomplish, shoot a video. Boy did we shoot one. (Jimmy Heart has stepped into a new realm). Be on the lookout in the next few weeks for, “My Aura”, off of Huntsville International.(This shit is not a run of the mill video) Tune in to www.eastvillageradio.com tonight 10pm (eastern) for the debut on Baller’s Eve Radio with DJ Dirrty, Kat Daddy Slim, MinSkeet Walker and Sergio Vega. Free Vega!!! (Vega is actually not locked up, he has been playing bass with the Deftones).


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